Name: Teva Lawson
Nickname(s): Tev
Aliases: Firestar
Age: 27
Ht: 5'4"
Wt: 145
Eyes: light brown
Hair: dark red
Distinguishing Features: Tattoo of Yggdrasil, the Norse World Tree, on her back. Numerous piercings in her right ear.

Powers/Abilities: Teva is a telempath, meaning she possesses both telepathy (the ability to transmit her thoughts, read others' thoughts, etc.) and empathy (the ability to experience others' emotions and force her emotions on others).

Her recently discovered secondary mutation, activated during a stressful situation, allows her to mimic the powers of other mutants as well as other abilities, such as fighting style or the like. The secondary mutation of mimicking powers/abilities began when she mimicked Logan's healing factor after attempting to take calm and comfort from him after a psionic attack on her; she was able to hold on to the healing factor in a vastly diminished capacity indefinitely due to their emotional and psychic connection.

Her mimicked healing factor gives her a slightly enhanced immune system, allows her to heal wounds at a slightly higher rate, and slows down her rate of aging. If Logan's at a 10, she's at a 4.

Extent/Limitation of Powers: If Charles Xavier is a level 10 telepath, Teva is only a level four and would not be able to affect anyone who has psi-shields unless they've given her a way in (ie, Logan) or they are in a weakened state (she was able to psionically attack Sabretooth but that was a one-shot deal, and she lost control of him quickly).

Her empathy is considerably stronger, maybe a level 7, as this was her original mutation. She is able to affect large crowds of people though she has never attempted to control anyone this way, the most she's done is pushing emotions back on concert-goers or enhancing the emotions felt by the same. It was very much an unconscious effort on her part until she realized what she was doing.

The secondary mutation of mimicking is limited by her emotional connection to the "lender"; from Remy LeBeau, with whom she has a brother-sister relationship, she was able to borrow his kinetic power and keep it with a high degree of control for a week. When she borrowed from Neal Shaara, whom she barely knew, her use of his plasma bursts was gone in a couple days and she had little to no control over them.

It is believed that, in addition to her emotional connection with Logan, the reason she held on to his healing factor for so long was because it was the first thing she mimicked and copying his healing factor altered her cellular structure.

History: Born near Perth, Scotland in 1982 to a brick-layer and a school teacher; her mother had borderline personality disorder and was abusive, while her father was pretty much flattened by his wife and had little to do with Teva as a child. Teva manifested at the age of 14 with a massive headache that kept her in bed for three days, after which she discovered she could feel others' emotions and effect the emotions of those around her. She kept this knowledge to herself and did little with it, developing natural shields.

Teva spent much of her childhood writing music, teaching herself to play both guitar and piano. When she finished secondary school she decided not to go to university and instead decided to focus on her music, and in a stroke of luck was discovered at Open Mic Night at a pub and brought in as a part of an all-female metal group, Antiheroine.

At the age of 24, six years after joining the group, she was outed as a mutant. Charles Xavier of Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters extended her an invitation to live there and teach and she, having already met several of the teachers, including Logan, agreed to give it some thought. Both she and Logan felt drawn to each other and began a relationship.

Relatives: James Lawson, father; Margaret Lawson, mother; Logan, husband.

Personality: Naturally wary of people due to her upbringing and her mutations, she is slow to trust but has learned to trust her gut instinct. She wears her heart on her sleeve and finds it difficult not to feel her emotions strongly. Has a bit of a temper.

Additional Notes: Teva is proficient in the use of firearms, mostly small handguns and semiautomatics. She has begun learning martial arts. She also speaks Scottish Gaelic fluently and has some proficiency in French and German.

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